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Nguyen Minh Son – The impression on Romantic Landscape paintings

“Nguyen Minh Son was born in 1971 in a famous cultural province where many talents of country were born and grew up. His childhood deeply attached to pagodas, village temples, old houses, lotus ponds, bales of straw … Memories of riding the buffalo, playing a flute, having a bath in a lotus pond appear vividly in his canvases. Looking at his pictures we can imagine simple and peaceful Vietnam village images. Son’s artwork is created with a heart full of dreams and aspirations. In a strong and definitive manner, together with creative uses of strong colors, the young artist’s artworks have a mesmerizing quality…”.

“An up-and-coming Vietnamese contemporary artist, Nguyen Minh Son generally creates landscape paintings, in an IMPRESSIONIST style.

Trained at the Hanoi Fine Art College, the artist was raised in the northern Vietnam´s beautiful countryside and his paintings, created with broad strokes and bright colors transport the viewer to romantic Asian landscapes…”


Born in 1971 in Bac Ninh Province
Graduated from Hanoi Fine Arts University in 2000.
Member of Bac Ninh Fine Arts Association.


Capital Exhibition in 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000
Asean Exhibition in 1999
National Exhibition in 2000
Young Artist Exhibition in 2001
Trio show in 2002
Young Artist Exhibition in 2003
Group show in England in 2004
Solo exhibitions at Hilton hotel of Hanoi in 2004
Group exhibitions in Hanoi and Singapore in 2005
Group exhibition in England in 2006
Solo exhibition in Hong Kong in 2006
Group exhibition in Germany in 2007